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Special Events
Upcoming events...
Monday, 15/10/2012, 20:30 Lecture on "design tips and home upgrades"-By: Efrat Hacohen Tzimerman Friday 19/10/2012 from 11:00 AM "Gallery talks" and a guided tour in Hebrew. Friday 26/10/2012 from 12:30 AM guided tour in Hebrew. Tuseday 30/10/2012 –20:30 "RED FLOWER BAND" Greek music
Opening of "Exhibition – Fire" in the Moshe Castel museum of art 4.10.2012
Thursday 4/10/12 Sukkot Opening of "Exhibition – Fire" in the Moshe Castel museum of art. The exhibition runs till 30.11.2012. About 40 sculpture artists will exhibit their finest bronze works for 2 months. **It is recommended to follow the publications and the website updates to ensure the events details.
Daniela & Allan's wedding at the MOSHE CASTEL MUSEUM, Friday 3/8/2012
What's more suitable & exciting than a wedding at the Moshe Castel museum on T"u B'Av - the day of LOVE? A Chupa overlooking the breathtaking view of Jerusalem, inside the museum- food and dancing, and lots of joy... Here are some photos from the magical event for your enjoyment :)
Odyssey translation book launch at the Museum 5.3.2012
Israeli evening singing 9.11.2011
The Beatles 23.11.2011
The wedding of Avivit and Arie in the museum 4.2011
The cornerstone ceremony of the museum 1992
The opening of the museum 2/2010
Recognition ceremony of the city Maale-Adummim in honor of David Ovadia 5/2010
Walking Community Toasting 9/2010
dedication event to school principals and parents committees
Violin concert and singing with the virtuoso Mirel Reznik 8/2010
CEOs Conference 4/2010
Visit of Mr. Jack Grunspan Executive Vice President of Bnai Zion Foundation
Upcoming events








Here you can get updated on different events the museum holds. The museum conducts music events, concerts, dances, theatre shows and more. Also, the museum hosts conferences, family and business events. For more details and conference/event reservations you may call: 050-5885004 You can also have a look at events that have taken place in the museum since its opening (on March 2010) until today under "special events". For upcoming events press here…


The  Moshe Castel Museum of Art

A Meeting Place for Cultural, Artistic, Educational Activity, and Special Events


The Second Biennial Sculpture and Photography Festival, “Adama” (Earth) is being exhibited at the museum until Feb 2, 2015. We would be delighted for you to visit the exhibit.

For additional info about “Adama” Press here

Pictures from the exhibition-Press here.

Special Chanukah Activities -

The entrance fee to the museum during the week of Chanukah will be 1 shekel.

 In addition, there will be an unprecedented sale of the lithograph, “Festive Meal

( Seudah) on the Grass” for 200 shekels instead of the usual price of 1,000 shekels.

Guided tours of the museum will be conducted around the theme “The Language of Art”. Groups will “read” together the paintings of Moshe Castel. Tours will be given in three languages—all for 1 shekel-on Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015 according to the following schedule:

10:00- Russian



Please confirm your participation in advance by sending an e-mail to this address.


The Third Candle of Chanukah, Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015 at 18:00, Commemorating the Stories of Miracles...

The Moshe Castel Museum opens its doors to the communities of both Maale Adumim and Kfar Adumim. Cost of participation is 1 shekel and must be reserved in advance by sending confirmation to this e-mail address.

(Reservations enable the museum to prepare for event ). For further details of this event please see the museum website.


Gallery Talks- Friday, Dec 11, 2015 at 11 a.m.

Within the framework of the Second Biennial “Adama” Festival which is currently exhibited in the museum, the sculptor and artist, Harry Baron, whose work is part of the exhibition, will be conducting the talk.( An invitation to this talk is attached). Entrance to this event is 1 shekel. Advance registration is required by sending confirmation to this e-mail address.


Paris – From Balkan Music up to Present Times,, Wednesday, Dec 16, 2015 at 20:30.

Hani Livne, Gila Hassid, and Uzi Rozenblatt

A complex and stirring musical journey that includes  French, Balkan and Gypsy styles.

Tickets can be purchased at the Community Center office or by phone: 02-5913111 . Cost: 40 shekels per person. This event is sponsored by the Dept of Culture and Recreation, Maale Adumim Community Center.


“Closing the Week”- A series of 5 meetings about the weekly Wednesday, Dec 23, 2015 at 20:30- Torah portion, current events and music, hosted by Professor Avigdor Shinan. This week, the meeting will discuss the end of Genesis, “Women above and beyond the Bible: Osnat and Serah Bat Asher” The evening will be accompanied by Adam Tzachi, a member of the Shir Adama Ensemble, performing songs of Eretz Yisrael.

Tickets can be purchased at the Community Center office or at the museum on night of event. Cost of tickets: 30 shekels per person.

This event is sponsored by the Dept of Culture and Recreation, Maale Adumim Community Center.


Project 929-The Book of Samuel-The Journey to Kingship, Tuesday, December 29, 2015, at 19:00.

This event will include a lecture by Racheli Frankel, mother of one of the kidnapped boys who was murdered in Gush Etzion. In addition there will be a musical performance by the men’s choir, “Ramataim Yerushalayim”and  the evening will conclude with an educational workshop based on the book of Samuel with the group facilitators. (To see more about the choir:

Cost of participation in this event is 30 shekels per person. Cost of weekly participation in the 929 project is 10 shekels. Please confirm your participation in advance by sending an e-mail to the museum.

Learning the Language of Art-Would you like to teach your children a new language? Teach them to understand and appreciate art? We will provide your children with the necessary tools for this continuing journey. The Castel Museum is offering a 5 session course on fascinating subjects for children aged  3-4 and 9-12. For additional information, contact the museum.

An Interactive Museum Experience for Parents /Grandparents and their Children

Come  and learn to recognize the artist and his artwork through search games, writing in ancient Hebrew script, viewing the paintings closely with magnifying glasses and touching the black basalt rock that Castel used in his later works. ( This program is in partnership with “Tour Adumim”). For additional information on coordinating group/ family  programs , please contact the museum.

Opening Hours of the Museum:

Sun, Mon, and Wed- 10:00-21:00

Tues and Thurs-10:00-17:00


To coordinate tours and visits:

Museum website:

Museum Address: Rechov HaMuseon  1

Visit our facebook page:  MOSHE CASTEL, 050-5885004/02-5357000

We'll be happy to see you!

The Museum Team